Common Entrance Physics Multiple choice questions

1. The diagram shows a distance time graph for a model car.
During which section of the journey was the car travelling the fastest?
2. What form of energy is stored in a piece of coal?
3. If the moon exploded we would not hear it because
4. When a guitar makes a higher note what happens to the vibrating string?
5. The cubes below all have the same volume.
The mass of each block is shown inside each cube.

densit9Which substance has the highest density?
6. The Earth is tilted slightly so one pole points towards or away from the Sun
The tilt of the Earth causes which of the following events?
(Tick all that apply)
7. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place when an arrow is fired from a bow?
8. circuit3Look at the circuit diagram and say which of these statements is true.
9. From the list given which would be the best instrument for finding the mass of a small stone?
10. The legs of a chair each have an area of 20cm2 .

The chair has  4 legs and a mass of 4kg.

What is the pressure of each leg on the ground?
11. What formula is used to calculate density?
12. Which of these materials is attracted to a magnet?
13. What sort of energy is produced by an electric motor?
14. During an eclipse of the sun
15. What formula is used to calculate volume?
16. A block measures 10cm x 8cm x 5cm
It has a mass of 2kg

What is the volume of the block (in cm³)?

17. What is the unit of pressure?
18. Alice put four objects on to a tray and slowly tipped it up.
The pencil sharpener slid first. The matchbox slid next. Then the scissors. The rubber slid last. Which object had the least friction between it and the tray?
19. balanceThe diagram shows a log supported at its centre.
Peter is 1.5m from the centre and John is 2.5m from the centre.
How far will John have to move to make the log balance and in which direction?
20. How many millilitres in a litre?
21. Heat from the sun reaches us by
22. Sophia brings the north seeking pole of one magnet near to the north seeking pole of another magnet.

What will happen?
23. Pick the best description to describe the word REFLECTION:
24. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place when a stone is dropped
25. submarineThe picture shows a submarine which is not moving.

There are two forces on the submarine: Upthrust (X) and gravity (Y) Which force is bigger?
26. What unit is used to measure energy?
27. Which of the following is NOT a metal but DOES conduct electricity?
28. A student measured the temperature of some hot water every 60 seconds
The diagram above shows the cooling curve she produced from her results.
What was the temperature of the water at the beginning of the experiment?
29. A spring is 10cm long.
When 3 newtons are hung from it the sprng becomes 16cm.

springs1springs-parallelTwo springs are now joined in parallel (side by side) and 1 N added as a load.

How long would the springs be now (length X)
30. The base of a brick measures 20cm x 8cm.

When resting on the ground it excerts a pressure of 0.125 N/cm2.

What is the mass of the brick?
(The Earth’s gravity excerts a force of 10 N/kg)


julia cash
julia cash