Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4

Which diagram above contains a Liebig condenser?
2. flowerLook at the diagram of a flower.

What is the name of the part labelled a ?
3. What is the normal boiling point of water?
4. What is the length  of time between fertilization and the birth of a human baby?
5. What is the hard outside part of the tooth made from?
6. Which of the following animals is a reptile (has a scaly skin)
7. circuit1bThe diagram shows a circuit containing two similar bulbs and a battery.

If Bulb B is unscrewed what will happen to bulb A?
8. Where does fertilization take place in the human body?
9. Which of these is a chemical change?
10. What is the normal pulse rate of a boy or girl while resting ?
The answer is in beats per minute (bpm)
11. What colour would Universal Indcator turn when added to a weak acid?
12. Which mineral is needed to help make healthy blood?
13. What type of food do carnivores usually eat?
14. What colour is sulphur?
15. Which part of your skeleton protects the spinal cord?
16. If the moon exploded we would not hear it because
17. Is carbon dioxide a solid, liquid or gas?
(at normal room temperature)
18. forcesThe diagram shows a blue ball hanging from a string.

Which red force arrow best represents the force of gravity on the ball?
19. Cells reproduce by a process called binary fission.

Is binary fission an example of sexual or asexual reproduction?
20. A car is travelling at 60 km/h
How far will it travel in two hours?
21. What process would be used to obtain the solvent from a solution?
22. The filament of an electric light bulb is often made of
23. flower2The diagram shows the main parts of a flowering plant.

In which part of the plant are the seeds made?
24. What colour would Universal Indcator turn when added to a strong acid?
25. Which of these substances aree electrical insulators?
26. Seeds need light in order to start to germinate
27. What colour is copper carbonate?
28. What is the unit for electrical current?
29. Why are pan handles often covered in plastic (or wood)?
30. What gas is produced when acids react with a metal?



This was a really good quiz for revision!!!!