Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4

1. The filament of an electric light bulb is often made of
2. Grass is a flowering plant. True or False?
3. What type of animal is an omnivore?
4. What name is given to the tiny blood vessels that bleed when you graze your knee?
5. What do we call the first organism in any food chain?
6. Which travels faster – sound or light?
7. What are microbes?
8. What force causes a moving car to slow down?
9. A moving car has which kind of energy:
10. circuit2Which of the circuit diagrams shows two bulbs joined in series?
11. What is the test for oxygen gas?
12. In what kind of cell would you find some CHLOROPLASTS?
13. flower 

The diagram shows some different parts of a flower

Which part is the stigma?
14. Pick a liquid that is a weak acid
15. Which organ in the human body removes poisonous waste from the blood?
16. Name the organ in our body where digestion takes place
17. Which organ pumps blood around the body
18. Which planet is nearest to the sun?
19. What gas is used up by plants during photosynthesis
20. Why is the mineral calcium important in our diet?
21. When talking about food chains what is meant by a ‘Producer’?
22. If you went to the moon what would happen to your mass?
23. This organ breaks up food and starts digestion
24. You have seed that you have just taken from its packet.
In order to make it germinate what conditions will the seed need?
25. If you went to the moon what would happen to your weight?
26. Fran pulled a box containing some weights across the carpet. She used a force meter to measure the force needed to pull the box.
What force was making the box difficult to move?
27. What colour is copper carbonate?
28. What is the unit of Weight?
29. What formula is used to calculate area?
30. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place when a stone is dropped



This was a really good quiz for revision!!!!