Common Entrance Chemistry – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. What is the test for oxygen gas?
2. Some salt is dissolved in warm water.
What do we call the liquid remaining in the beaker?
3. How is carbon dioxide made in the laboratory?
4. What will chocolate do when heated gently in an open dish
5. C is the symbol for which chemical element
6. apparatus1The image  represents what piece of apparatus?
7. What is the chemical symbol for iron?
8. bunsen1bThis diagram shows a Bunsen burner.
The flame is yellow and smoky.

Is the air hole open or closed?
9. What chemical change will happen to copper foil when it is heated?
10. What is the chemical formula for CHALK (calcium carbonate)?
11. Name a substance with a pH value equal to pH7
12. What colour is sulphur?
13. The word equation below shows the reaction between iron and copper sulphate solution

Iron + copper sulphate  →  ******** + iron sulphate What is the missing chemical from the equation?
14. A belt is made out of leather because leather is…….
15. Pick an acidic oxide from the list
16. Which of the gases below is sometimes put in balloons to make them float?
17. Put the following processes into the correct order if you wished to obtain pure salt from rock salt
18. Is carbon dioxide a solid, liquid or gas?
(at normal room temperature)

This diagram shows the water cyclewater cycle3Whatprocess is taking place at number 2?
20. You have four substances which you label A, B, C and D.
One is a mixture, one a metallic element one a non-metallic element and one a compound.

They have the following properties:
AA yellow, crumbly solid that burns to form a single, colourless gas which turns universal indicator red.
BA grey, malleable solid that burns to form a single, white, alkaline oxide.
CA colourless liquid. The liquid is warmed in a shallow dish and after a few minutes a white residue is seen.
DA green solid that decomposes when heated to form a colourless gas and leave a black powder.
Which of the substances is likely to be a compound ?
21. Name a chemical that decomposes to release carbon dioxide when it is heated
22. What percentage of the air is argon (approximately)?
23. About 20cm of magnesium ribbon is chopped up into 1cm lengths and placed in a crucible which is then weighed along with its lid.

The crucible is heated strongly and the lid gently raised avery few seconds.
When the lid was raised a bright glow was seen to spread through the mixture

When the reaction is over the crucible + contents + lid are all re-weighed.
A white ash remains in the crucible.

These are his results:
  • Mass of empty crucible + lid  = 51.2g
  • Mass of crucible + lid + magnesium (before heating) = 54.3g
  • Mass of crucible + lid + contents (after heating) = 54.7g

What evidence is there that a chemical change is taking place?
(read all options before answering) 
24. What colour is anhydrous cobalt chloride?
25. Which of the properties of metals listed below is not correct?
26. The term ‘ TEXTILES’ refers to what group of substances?
27. What is the word equation for the reaction between copper and oxygen
28. Name a chemical that decomposes to form oxygen when it is heated
29. Some copper foil is heated in a sealed test tube until the copper stops changing colour. What gas remains in the test tube?
30. When copper foil is heated with a roaring bunsen flame and it quickly turns black.
What is the name of the black chemical formed?


Anamaria Stefanie
Anamaria Stefanie