Common Entrance Biology – 30 Multiple choice questions

1. When does respiration take place in a plant?
2. A fungus is an example of a saprophyte.
Saprophytes are living organisms that:
3. Which of the following statements is true:
4. Scurvy, an illness that used to occur a lot in sailors taking long sea voyages, is cause by
5. A kidney is best described as
6. Name the organ where sperm are made in the male
7. Antibiotics kill which type of organism?(tick all that apply)
8. Grass is a flowering plant. True or False?
9. body5What is the name of organ ‘H’
10. Why are fresh fruit and vegetables important in our diet?
11. What is a gamete?
12. A section from an animals liver would be best described as
13. spiderTo which group does this animal belong?
14. Why do we need red blood cells?
15. Which mineral is needed to help make healthy blood?
16. flower2The diagram shows the main parts of a flowering plant.

In which part of the plant is photosynthesis mainly carried out?
17. Yeast, which is used to make bread, is a living organism
18. From where would the producer in a habitat obtain its energy?
19. Name the organ in our body where digestion takes place
20. cell3This diagram shows three human body cells

Which one represents a sperm cell?
21. You have seed that you have just taken from its packet.
In order to make it germinate what conditions will the seed need?
22. How many lungs are there in a the body of a normal boy or girl
23. Which of the items listed below would be found in all living cells?
24. How does exhaled air compare with inhaled air?
25. Which part of our body carries blood AWAY from the heart?
26. Which of these facts is NOT true about a girl when her body reaches puberty
27. What two substances are made by a plant during PHOTOSYNTHESIS?

28. Which part of our body removes soluble waste and excess water from the blood
29. cell4Do you think this cell is from an animal or plant?
30. When talking about food chains what is meant by a ‘Producer’?