Common Entrance Revision: 30 Easy and harder questions
KS3 Levels 4 and 5

1. circuit2Which of the circuit diagrams shows two bulbs joined in series?

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2. A student measured the temperature of some hot water every 60 seconds
The diagram above shows the cooling curve she produced from her results.
How long did it take the water to cool to 30°C ?

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3. If Magnesium hydroxide (indigestion powder) were added to vinegar which of the answers would best describe what would happen?

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4. circuit3Look at the circuit diagram and say which of these statements is true.

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5. The filament of an electric light bulb is often made of

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6. What is the unit for electrical current?

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7. What is the hard outside part of the tooth made from?

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8. What joins muscles to a bone?

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9. What colour is sulphur?

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10. What colour is magnesium oxide

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11. Pick a chemical that decomposes when heated

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12. What word describes what happens to a light ray when it hits a mirror

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13. Which part of our body consists mostly of nerve cells

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14. Which would be the best material to make a cheap washing-up bowl that’s easy to carry around.

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15. If you went to the moon what would happen to your weight?

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16. Bones in the skeleton either protect or support organs.

What do the RIBS do?

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17. helium is an example of an

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18. What is meant by a ‘Primary Producer’?

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19. The best way to remove sand from water is

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20. What colour is sulphur?

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21. What are the main features of a reptile?

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22. What type of animal is an omnivore?

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23. Some salt is dissolved in warm water.
What do we call the liquid remaining in the beaker?

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24. Which part of your skeleton protects the heart and lungs

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25. The best way to separate sand from iron filings is

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26. A plant is an example of a producer.
Producers are living organisms that:

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27. What is the unit of Mass?

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28. You find an animal whose body is covered with fur.

To which animal group is the animal likely to belong?

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29. Which of the below is a fossil fuel?

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30. Look at the graph below which shows the solubility of 3 substances A, B and C  in 100g of water at different temperatures
graph2How many grams of solute A dissolves in water which is at 70°C?

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