KS3 Prep School science

Tests to help with Common Entrance Science Revision

Please click the link below to visit
The Science Site
which uses similar revision quizzes to this web site but links you to detailed notes on the Common Entrance Science syllabus.

Quick questions
(Questions with a single answer. The answer is shown immediately)

Lots of questions with an assortment of topics

Multiple Choice Tests
to help with Common Entrance science revision.

1. Questions chosen by difficulty level

Easy QuestionsMisses out hard questions Average questionsNormal CE revision Difficult questionsIncludes harder questions

30 randomly chosen multiple choice questions in each test.
Each test is different as the questions are picked at random from a database of over 700 questions

2. Questions chosen by Subject

C.E. PHYSICS30 revision questions C.E. CHEMISTRY30 revision questions C.E. BIOLOGY30 revision questions

30 randomly chosen questions in each test
Each test is different as the questions are picked at random from a database of over 700 questions

3. Questions chosen by Topic (larger test)

C.E. PHYSICSAll physics questions C.E. CHEMISTRYAll chemisty questions C.E. BIOLOGYAll biology questions

These tests show every question in each subject, divided into topics
Each test is the same (ie the questions are not picked at random).
NOTE: there are over 200 questions in each test so it will help if you are logged on so you can save your position.
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All questions arranged by level of difficulty
All science questionssorted by difficulty level
This test includes some general knowledge questions which would not appear in a Common Entrance Exam

There are over 700 questions in the complete test so it is helpful (although not vital) to be logged in to do this test.
If you are logged in you can save your position and continue later.
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