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1. Which of the below is a fossil fuel?
2. What makes plants wilt?
3. circuit1bThe diagram shows a circuit containing two similar bulbs and a battery.

If Bulb B is unscrewed what will happen to bulb A?
4. Two magnets, when brought near each other are found to REPEL.
If the pole of one magnet is north what is the other pole?
5. The best way to separate sand from iron filings is
6. What do we call a rock that doesn’t allow water to soak through it?
7. Alice put four objects on to a tray and slowly tipped it up.
The pencil sharpener slid first. The matchbox slid next. Then the scissors. The rubber slid last. Which object had the most friction between it and the tray?
8. A window is made out of glass because glass is
9. Which would be the best instrument to measure the volume of some water?
10. An acid would have what pH number?