Interactive games from the Royal Institution….. (may not work on mobiles or tablets)

Simulations from PhET  Interactive Simulations
University of Colorado Boulder


Game about moments (the lever law)  Simple moment simulation

Forces and motion  Simulation about the Lever Law

Springs and Hookes Law  Learn about Hookes Law

How friction heats up a surface (Kinetic theory simulation)

Density Learn about density by seeing what floats

Energy Change   Kinetic, potential and intenal energy change

Colour mixing   See what happen when different colours are mixed together

The Light Game   Learn about red blue and green light

Build an Atom (GCSE)

Refraction (GCSE)


pH scale  Test the pH of different substances

Balancing an equation (GCSE)  

Balancing chemical formula (GCSE)


Lunar Lander simulator

NASA’s Space Place Primary level space games

Sci jinks Secondary level (mostly weather) simulations (NASA)

Mechanics and technology

Bridge Builder

Cargo Bridge